Hey everyone! This week it is starting to feel more and more like fall, and I couldn’t be happier! I thought I would switch up my go-to sweater and leggings and pair my have v=black sweater with my short polka-dot dress. I throw on some tights for that added fall feel and there you have […]

It’s not often that you’ll see me in sweats. That being said, I have recently been starting to embrace the comfortable look. What exactly does that entail, you might ask yourself? Well, in my book it’s dressing in opposite forms in dark colors with soft fabrics. Let’s break it down with this outfit. I wore […]

  Happy Monday! It’s officially cooled down here in Knoxville, so I finally got to wear my favorite cardigan. This outfit was inspired by April Ludgate from the show Parks & Rec. She wears button-ups and cardigans like this a lot, and since I just finished the show on Netflix, I decided to dress like […]

Hey everyone! This Week I went with my red pants, I love these a lot. I always get compliments on them. I recently wore them while covering an art gallery, they were perfect for that business casual vibe I was going for. Bright colors are still going strong, so I know I’ll be using these […]

So sometimes I like to pretend I’m Miley Cyrus. But not really. But kind of? Because check out these boots. Do they not remind you of the same boots she was wearing in the “Party in the USA” video? Because that’s exactly what I thought of when I bought them. Either way, I love these […]

  Ciao, friends! I’m very sorry for not posting last week; I had a lot on my plate. I am also very sorry for the late post today! I wore this outfit today, thinking that the weather was going to be nice and cool. It definitely started out that way, but when I went to […]

Hey everyone! So this past week everyone was watching Milan for Fashion week, then there off to paris…Lucky! Anyways, I was inspired to do some pattern mixing. It’s a trend that has been around for a while and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. When pulled off correctly its a show stopper! I know when […]

Despite what the title to this post may say, no this is not a focus on ripped muscles. (I wish…) It’s actually about ripped, destroyed and distressed jeans! I’ve become enamored with destroyed denim. I get flashbacks from middle school when I used to fall off my bike and rips my jeans at the knees […]

Hey everyone! Since it is September I have officially been put into the mind-set of fall. So to get ahead of the game I went with my new favorite items. This black sweater that works with everything! And my new leggings, every girl has to have at least one pair, right? Outfit: Sweater – Forever […]

Can we talk about how ready I am for cold weather? Sure, everyone’s like “yeah it’s too hot for this” or “I just want to walk outside without sweating” but my need for Autumn is goes even deeper. I want to feel a chill; I want to curl up with a book and hot tea […]

  Happy Monday, everyone! This is my I’m-hanging-on-to-the-last-days-of-summer outfit. I wore this to my sister’s rehearsal dinner in June, and I love this outfit so much. It’s easy, it’s breezy, and it’s perfect for a party or a date night. Outfit: Dress, Express; Shoes, Dillards; Rings, vintage; Watch, Fossil Enjoy your day! xoxo, Rebecca

Hey Everyone! Today is a quickie post (busy day!), showcasing a new baby doll dress I recently obtained. It had this feminine-rocker vibe, which was calling out to me. What’s perfect about this dress is that obviously it’s a summer dress, but could easily be made into more of an autumn/winter outfit, with a pair […]

Hey guys! How is everyone doing today? It’s still super hot here in Knoxville, and I’m hoping that it will start to cool down within these next few weeks. Did you guys know that I love any and all things Disney? If you didn’t, now you do. I love this outfit. It’s all new, the […]

Hey Everyone! Over summer I found the most incredible pair of shoes. They were amazing I couldn’t say no to them. I basically put this outfit together starting from the bottom (based off of my shoes) and worked my way up from that. These heels are professional good for a business interview or something like […]

  Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! Since Monday was Labor Day, and we all had a busy weekend, I decided to post today. Today is all about vintage slip dresses. Courtney Love is probably the most well known for this trend, when she would only wear a vintage, silk slip dress and nothing over it in […]

Usually when I’m getting dressed I pull items from my wardrobe that I’m sure about. Pieces that I know will feel good, look good and match my mood for the day. This outfit was a lot of not that. I decided to push past my usual comfort zone and try something new with a black […]

Copyright: Stan Dunlap Photography As football season quickly approaches, us girls were wondering what it takes for athletes to get dressed– football players in general. Luckily for us, my brother plays football. So I asked him what goes in to getting dressed, and geez Louise it’s a lot! Getting dressed for football games, soccer games, […]

Hey everyone! It is officially our second week back to school, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! With all of the new classes, clubs, and jobs we are involving ourselves in, this year should be a hectic but fun one! I know the time will fly by! Hopefully, by having the ability to come here […]

  Welcome back to ForeverFierce! It’s our first week being back after an 8 week hiatus, and it feels awesome! This week, we’re coming live to you from the same ‘ole brick wall, but don’t worry, we’ll be spicing things up here soon. Just so you guys know, What We’re Wearing Wednesdays will be an […]

It’s back to school time! And we’re back to the brick wall. Ah, just another brick in the wall. Lately I’ve been loving a comfortable yet chic look. I’ve come on to basics in a way I never thought I would and they’ve quickly become the pieces I reach for the most in my wardrobe. […]

Hey everyone! We’re back! This summer, us girls at ForeverFierce had to take a bit of a hiatus. We all split up for the summer to go home and see our families, travel and do the summer vacation bit, and let me tell you: blogging isn’t the same when you blog by yourself. So no […]

Hey Everyone! After coming back from our break, I am so excited to be writing again. I’ll be continuing with our social media theme, but anybody who knows me knows that I am not the most media savvy. In fact, I believe that technology and I have an understanding where, we agree to disagree. Over […]

I’m a little obsessed with social media. That’s no surprise to anyone. Maybe it’s what I’m studying in school (journalism basically revolves around all social media platforms), or just my general interest in fashion. But I can easily be checking my Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Gmail, Google + (yes, even Google +) simultaneously for more […]

  When it comes to the different social media platforms, Instagram is probably my favorite. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am very into the age of social media. I pretty much have every single account known to mankind. But when I wake up in the morning, I always save Instagram for last, because you […]

Hey Everyone! This Summer I have been working my tail off, so unfortunately no beach trips for me. The closet thing I get to do is lay out by the community pool or take advantage of the dozens of Water Parks that fill up the Wisconsin Dells, where I am currently living for the summer. […]

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a fabulous week. On the blog this week we’re sharing our beach bag essentials because it’s summer and everyone needs some beach bag essentials, no? I am not a big beach person, or a big summer person to say the least. You can tell because I wear a black […]

  In honor of my upcoming beach trip, here are some beach essentials that go in my beach bag each year. Every year, my family packs up and heads to Myrtle Beach, SC for a quasi-family reunion on my mother’s side. There ends up being about 56 of us (!!!!). So there are more than […]

  Summer Loving by yourmelodi featured in taylor swift outfits Hello friends! I hope this finds you well. This week we’re sharing what we’re currently loving and coveting and my list is endless. It seems like this summer has provided me with so much inspiration that my mind is running every minute considering different clothing […]

The time has come for my style Q&A. Answering all these questions was difficult because it involves really evaluating yourself and figuring out the how and why you dress a certain way or tend to be drawn to certain things. Some questions are easier to grasp than others but overall I really enjoyed exploring myself […]

Hello friends! For the next couple of weeks we’ll be doing something different on the blog. We’ll be posting some fun posts and taking a little different approach to our usual outfit routines (and we’re not all in Knoxville which makes outfit posts particularly difficult to do). We hope you enjoy this weeks post which […]

For these next few weeks, we had to really brainstorm some ideas, because none of us would be together to photograph outfit posts! So we have a bunch of things planned for you, and we hope you get inspired, or learn something, or … something. This week each of us is doing a Q&A, as […]

Hey everyone! This week I wore a simple outfit, to focus on my shoes. Jeggings and a white blouse, a very classic style. When working with an outfit like this it is so easy and so much fun to work with it to make it your own. Wether you are rocking some eye-catching jewelry playing […]

I dress according to season. Or at least I like to think I do. In the autumn and winter I usually reach for darker colors and fun accessories. In the summer, I usually reach for colorful pieces and push myself out my comfort zone of black jeans, black sweater, black dress… etc etc. So I […]

  Hey guys! Happy Memorial Day! I’ve been so busy with school that I almost forgot to post today! AHH! Okay.  Today’s outfit is simple and breezy; it’s a good one to wear on a hot day. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, the inspiration still has not hit me, so I am going to […]

Hey everyone Today is a quick post involving some more bright colors. Since I am still in this experimental phase, I went with this outfit that I sort of based off of Harajuku style while I was listening to Gwen Stefani. I just threw together a bright skirt, I honestly forgot I owned, with matching […]

I hope you all are enjoying your Tuesday! It’s dead summer, officially. I mean, not really, considering the first day of official summer is June 21. But with the hot steaming weather outside and the inevitable sun burns from spending the day at the pool, it’s basically summer. When I first saw these pants in […]

  For some weird, unknown reason, the weather degrees have dropped here in Tennessee. Why? Because the weather here is dumb. So I had to bring out the pants again, hopefully for the last time this summer. I got this shirt forever ago, and since I cleaned out my closet, again, I found so many […]

Hey everyone! As you all have noticed we are some ladies who love black. Now don’t get me wrong it is still one of my favorite colors. However, just because it is chic and works with everything doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to it or one color for that matter. While looking for some […]

Hello! This week’s post is about beauty looks created around different shades of a certain color, as many makeup artists love to play around with. Melodi did blue, Sam did pink, I did purple. Rebecca  I recently acquired a nice fuchsia wig a little while back, because my friend Zea bought it, but it didn’t […]

Hello friends! I hope this post finds you well, and that you’re feeling summer and enjoying a break from school, work or whatever is it that you need a break from. I have thoroughly been enjoying my break, even though I’m not really on a break. I’m taking classes and keeping busy with that, which […]

  Have you ever found something in your closet that you forgot about? I do… all the time. I wear the same articles of clothing over again, so when I look through and find something that I haven’t worn in awhile, it’s like I went shopping (without spending any money or actually going shopping). It’s […]

Hello friends! Here, we shall share our transitional secrets. This week we focused on day to night, and these are our compiled night looks! I think each of us approached the idea differently but on a similar wavelength. We all aimed for accessories and shoes, since those are the easiest and coolest ways for a […]

Hey everyone today, is the continuation of our lovely day looks, that with the changing of a few key points can become a fabulous outfit for a night on the town. I wore this outfit for my day look. I think it is important to dress for comfort while working and or running around during […]

Hello friends! We decided to experiment with our looks and plan them so that there would be an easy transition from day to night. I often run into trouble deciding what to wear in the morning because I may not get home until late, late at night. So, I have to consider my wardrobe for […]

Hey guys, we’re back! This week is kind of a cool week,  because we’ll be showing you how we transfer outfits from day to night. I might wear this to school one day, and then go out with my friends that night in the same outfit, but I would change a few things….. This is […]

  My dear followers, the time has come. The dread of finals week is upon us. With that comes the repetitious reading, the extremely caffeinated coffee, and the terrible tests (alliteration unintended). This is the reason why we have only posted once these past two weeks. On that note, we are sorry. On another note, […]

Hello friends! I apologize for the depressing title of this post, but I just can’t hide my blues. It’s the last week of regular classes at school and my mind just does not want to turn on. I’m eager to pick up books and watch movies and get around to doing all those things I […]

Hey everyone! I cannot believe a year has already gone by. It seems like only yesterday, Becca was filling me in on her idea to start a blog. I remember when she asked me if I wanted to do it with her and Melodi, I was so flattered. However, I was unsure if I could […]

If you haven’t already found out, this week ForeverFierce is celebrating it’s first birthday! Whether or not you believe a year has already passed, it has. We’re finally coming to terms with the fact that we’ve been posting weekly ever since that first post this time last year. And also the fact that we haven’t […]

  This week’s posts are very sentimental, because the month of April is the 1 year anniversary of ForeverFierce. When I wanted to start this blog, I had no idea how I wanted to do it. Melodi and Sam kind of just stumbled into it, and I could not have been happier with the turnout. […]