Sweater Weather

DSCN2118Hello to all on this glorious Thursday!


Since it is October and the weather is starting to put a slight chill in the air I decided to put on one of my favorite sweater cardigans. It is so warm and comfy and makes my dress which is more on the dressy side seem more casual. I also adore the tribal prints in it, it just has a really cool feel. I added a chic pair of boots (I pretty much wear these constantly during the fall) and knee-high socks, who doesn’t love to rock a pair of socks, I ask?




Dress – H&M

Sweater – Forever 21

Socks – Urban Outfitters

Shoes – Charming Charlie’s

Until next time, xoxo Samantha



  1. Love that sweater !!

  2. Looking good girl!

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